Monday, 20 September 2010

Naked Rugby

The Cookydales are moving into a racy type of rugby football. The players are all naked; Celen introduced this softer side of the sport to discourage the rougher form of the game. The scrum aging has always been an area of the game prone to injuries but with delicate bits hanging free, she felt that the more aggressive players would be a little gentler for fear of injury. An interesting prospect and we wish Celen, Cark and the boys well and wait in anticipation of the first game. I have heard that the Gay rights movement have bought a large portion of the tickets.

Now news from Middle Earth. The Middle Earth National Lifeguard Institute (MENLI) had to rescue a 85 year old pensioner from stormy seas off Ozdale. The pensioner had seen his wheelie bins washed off the promenade into the sea by a storm wave. Undeterred he pumped up his rubber boat and set out to get it back. After finally overhauling his wheelie bin he tied it to his rubber boat and that is when he ran into trouble. The tide was going out and with the rough seas he was washed further out to sea. Those brave men of the MENLI launched their rescue boat and towed the man in with his wheelie bin. When asked why he risked his life for a wheelie bin he replied that the Borough Association of Middle Earth, would have fined him and he lived on a small pension. This is what those brave volunteers train for months on end to achieve!!


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