Monday, 6 September 2010

Out with the new!!

My choice for a new laptop was gone array, again. First the notebook with the sticky space bar which I replaced with a 17" Celeron Dual Core Laptop. I hear the odd chuckle, 10" notebook to 17" laptop that was quite a replacement. Well the 17" was not up to the speed I would expect from a modern computers. Merlin concurred and back it went, the store graciously returning her hard earned money. Advised is needed on what laptop to buy. Hopefully someone from the Register of Important People will shed some light on this contentious subject. I have just one condition, no dark side. I am only comfortable with bits, apple pips are a mystery to me.

The Matriarch seems to be influencing the weather. Autumnal but a little chaos thrown in. We woke to a misty, cool day with a brisk wind from the crags of Mountaindale. Merlin predicted a grey day but dry, a little magic intervened and we were wet half way through our walk on the beach. The rest of the day oscillated between threatening sunshine and grey drizzle.

The hint of chilli that Gary of Middle Smiths refered to in one of the comments was a salad and the hint of basil refered to the bacon and muchroom pasta. Never over do the chilli and basil, chilli adds flavour and basil adds fragrance. Add these two to wine would just be silly. Really silly, but as I said in a previous blog, let us never loose silly.

The Underdickens are in the very South of Southdale enjoying a well earned holiday. Lily Florence has the sound of the waves breaking when she wakes and the cool sea air lulls her to sleep in the evening. Angela and Matthew finally set free to enjoy life without the hassle, something they are well accustomed to and appreciate. On all holidays we need the quiet times to gather our thoughts and take stock of what we have done, been through and captured.

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  1. Seems like the writer is starting to feel the pull of the dark side... beware the force, it is strong... and for those who need to get stuff done without crashes and catastrophe's the dark side often provides refuge.