Saturday, 4 September 2010

Tesco South African White £3.75

On the bottle: A fruity dry white, with flavours of citrus and tropical fruit.
Colour: Lightly straw.
Smell: Hints of grape.
Taste: Smooth, very dependable dry white wine, full of clean flavours.

The weekend is upon us, thus we will be relaxing in the true sense of the word. The cricket season is over and with that, all our weekly and weekend games have come to an end. It has been a good season with all the ups and downs we have come to expect. My U17 Colts team did much better than I dreamed they would, the added bonus of many boys playing adult cricket this year and not letting their sides down. Michael played his first adult game two years ago and is now established as the opening bowler for the Saturday 4ths and Sunday 2nds, ending the season many wickets and loads of runs. More importantly, enjoying this fine old game.

The boys went back to school today and it was a little strange to see Michael stroll off in demins and a t shirt. His formal schooling done, now the A levels will challenge him that little more. Robert is happy with his selection of teachers and is looking forward to the challenge of Year 10.

Just a little news, for all amongst, who are worried about their hair. Now that the seasons are changing, It has never been easier to boost your hair colour and add volume and body. L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss in 515 Chocolate Truffle has just arrived at our nearest convenience store. Talking of Feter, he is his mothers child, lovely boy, hair reminds me of Merlin's mother. There we have the rub. Feter, I know that my friend Schwarzkopt is perfecting a shampoo for brown, difficult hair. He insists it will be available in the Autumn and will be called Mother Colour Tint Permanent Creme. Hope this was helpful, if so please pass it on to anyone you think would benefit from this research. Gary of Middle Smiths, Mus of Musmead Manor and Michael of Winterdale, I will continue to search for an answer to your hair challenges, gel will have to stay your short term solution.

Of Middle Earth, I have no news. I would imagine the adverse weather conditions hanging over the mountains of Mountaindale, with its crags, cliffs and dense forest, is unsettling the South with the need to get the hay in while they still have sun and enough daylight hours to finish the task. The weather forecast warns of driving rain and gale force winds for late Sunday into the early part of next week. Mostly in the South of Middle Earth, this is worrying none the less. Batten down the hatchers and keep warn. I will keep you updated as and when I receive any news.

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