Saturday, 4 September 2010

Weddings at Musmead Manor

Due to the adverse weather condition in the South, Merlin and I decided to venture out to Musmead Manor and see what progress has been made to get the hay in. We are happy to report that the hay is in the barn and the Alpacos will sleep warm this winter. Alpacos are the only source of fresh milk on Middle Earth. While there, we were fortunate enough to witness a wedding in the Tipis. Great event and hopefully the rain will be kind and allow the revellers time to party. Mus shared some Alpacos ice cream with us while Mally looked after the guests. Mus of Musmead Manor has his own ice cream van and is willing to hire it out to anyone wanting an ice cream van for the day.

The map is a good reference point when hearing news for those far off Dales. Our thanks to the Mapping dept of Middle Earth for the map you have all received. I know it is not 1929 but we will endeavour to update it in the near future. In our constant striving for current news and events we ask, most humble, if you have any contribution to the map, please let us know. This could be anything from a new green house to an image of your existing house. We will include all on the map. In this time of uncertainty, People of Middle Earth, your country needs you.

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