Thursday, 30 September 2010

Where are they now - Back in Ozdale

Angela, Matthew and Lily Florence are 10 hours ahead of me and it is 7pm GMT, that would make it 5pm in Ozdale and that is too early to phone and say I love you.
Susan, Robert and I went for another endurance walk to Old Harry’s at Studland on Sunday. Samuel as every came with us and nose too the ground showed us the way. I have posted the photographic impressions to prove this monumental walk of endurance and ultimate reward. I will not go into details as that is for another blog of some length.
I need to explain that Ozdale is 10 hours ahead of us, being down under they get to see the sun first. Southdale is two hours ahead of us and they get more sun then we do. We are Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). That is where Middle Earth takes the time from and is the leader of all time. Sorry guys but that is life.
On a lighter note, Lily has some photograghs of Mika of Middle Smiths fame and is going to let us see a preview in the coming week.
Mally and Mus of Musmead Manor took a holiday, Cretedale, an island off the Winterdale coast somewhere, you have to take your screen to 200% to see it, they did go there and we will always wonder what on earth they did there?

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