Wednesday, 8 September 2010

A Young Storm

The rain has swept in from the north, the storm clouds had been building against the mountains of Mountaindale for the last few days. It was only a small storm, young and inexperienced but had mustered its clouds, chiding the smaller and coaxing the large until they all merged into a great cloud bank. The young storm was ready and in one last crack of thunder leap over the mountain and happily drenched everything in its path, a down pour that lasted just over an hour. The wind was breezy but not unkind but this young storm was learning, next time lightening will be thrown into the chaos and we at Middle Earth will feel the storm a little more.

Enough of the weather, I have noted the comment left by Gary of Middle Smiths and would like to say that it did not help at all. Advocating the dark side, what was he thinking? Talking of the dark side, we are replacing our Zafira this month with a small car and a family vehicle. Time moves on and we are a growing family. Normally I go out and buy what I think we need and that it that. I have done that for 40 odd years and now I am handing the batten over to Merlin and Michael. My only suggestion is that they are economical, practical and reliable. I would be inclined towards Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Saab, Volvo, Mercedes Benz, Skodia or VW in the family car and the small car I am prepared to take what comes. I do draw the line at a Smart car or anything in that shape.

News from Kettingdale is all is well after the storm, Middle Smiths suffered no damage and Underdickens did not notice. Oh well it was only a young storm. What of the Georgian Smiths? Still no word.

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  1. Where is Kettingdale as not found on the map?
    From M&M