Sunday, 3 October 2010

Fulia New Bathrooms

Fulia of Faydale has redecorated in a big way, she did not stop with the new lick of paint, she put a new bathroom in, plumbed the pipes and glued the tiles. As you can see the results are stunning to say the least.(Click image to enlarge) Retro style with 1940’s shaver, 21st century hair enhancers, there are three girls in that house and one ex milkman who is now pub keeper for The Old Heatherdale Freehouse. I am very impressed with the retro style taps, the Redkins colour balance conditioner and the head and shoulders shampoo for mother’s hair. Talking of mothers, Fulia’s mother has applied to be the Magistrate for Middle Earth. Now Maureen of Sabindale, famous sailors of Heinz shipping, is one fine lass and I will endorse anyone who is prepared to second this motion. Fulia of the Borough Association will have to verify eligibility. I have attached a photographic image of the said Maureen of Sabindale.I am please to announce that Middle Earth library is now stocking large print for those with eyes that have seen their best years. After running a survey it was found that most of us wear or should wear glasses. In future books loaned to: Merlin, Fulia of Faydale, Mally and Mus of Musmead Manor, Gussell of Georgedale, Gary of Middlesmiths, The Matriarch and those who do not admit to being a little blind, will all be offered large print in future. One can never be too careful when dealing with peoples eyes.
Thought for the day from the Middle Earth news desk.
In a legless world the man with one leg is king.
Breaking news from the Middle Earth news desk.
It's impossible to be happy while your mother in law is still alive.
Weather for the next 24 hours is expected to be fine, except for the valleys of Mountaindale. Heavy clouds will be sweeping down from the mountains and then drenching Winterdale and then moving on to Ozdale. Check your local radio station for updates.

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  1. I must increase my security .When on earth did you take that picture of my old bathroom