Saturday, 9 October 2010

Great Expectations

I know you are thinking of Charles Dickens of Underdickens but you are wrong. Gussell of Georgedale has launched Great Expectation, with the by line – expect the unexpected! In small writing he states "Safaris and Lodges". Middle Earth already has a lodge and this new venture will be part of our lodge. I have no idea what his new company will be up to and can only expect the unexpected. Is there anyone who may have some idea as to the nature of this new business?

Now on to another matter of some importance. The questioned was asked 'What happened to Lizzie' Our journey of enquiry has taken us through all the archives of Middle Earth and we heard of a man in Anotherdale who had a ancient copy of the Middleday Book, a chronicle of land transactions before Middle Earth established its archive. Thought to be lost, this priceless book could give us answers to many questions about our ancestors. Gary of Middle Smiths was sending an agent to Anotherdale, he has this new venture selling umbrellas and food to the peasants of Anotherdale – see previous blog, he took a letter from me to the ancient archivist of Anotherdale in which I humbly requested a copy of the book for our archive. We will now have to be patient until we receive our reply.

We did find one tantalizing bit of information. A picture of Claudia of Middle Smiths, formally of the Claudosa era, except it is over 100 years old. This is clearly not Claudia of Middle Smiths as she is still a young woman. But the other intriguing fact is that it is originally from the Claudosa province of Italy. The caption is the most puzzling fact to emerge from this badly preserved document. We could just make out the name at the bottom of the image. Claudia by Lizzie Willox 1891. A striking resemblance to Claudia of Middle Smiths. We can now only wait for the Middleday Book from Anotherdale.

All this comes at a time of celebration in the Middle Smiths household as Gary of Middle Smiths has another birthday, I sure he had one just last year?

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  1. Glen, i thought you where guessing but i see you have opened it for all to guess.... tat tat