Saturday, 16 October 2010

The last of the summer BBQ’s

It all comes to as at some stage of our lives. We are having a BBQ, fooled by the midday warm sun into thinking that the evening will be just perfect for a BBQ. We are easily fooled, the sun has lost its heat, the air is taking on a cooler cloth and we are miserably sitting outside wondering what happened to the t shirt weather we basked in. I proclaim this to be the last BBQ this year and I am a little relieved that this time has finally convinced us of the fact that summer only lasts a day.
Words don't come easily when you are rubbing your hands together to keep them warm, fellow citizens of Middle Earth, I do it for you and I know you depend on this daily news release to help you plan you days of toil ahead.

I must admit to be 4 days later, I started this blog on Sunday and never finished it. Blame it on work, that will do and I am sure you all have those weeks when times just flies.

Michael has joined Staples, a computer and stationary chain of stores, he will be paid more than 50% more than his previous job and that is serious money for a 16 year old lad. Saturday he works at Staples and Sunday he has 3 more Sundays at Poole Pottery. I must admit I never saw him as the face of Poole Pottery, too delicate.

Gary of Middle Smiths has said farewell to his emissary to Anotherdale and the Swampland with a full list of product he aims to sell to the peasants. Bold move and valuable marketing information will be gained by this exploratory visit. We at Middle Earth Commerce await the report with keen interest.


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