Friday, 8 October 2010

Middle Earth celebrates another birthday

Saturday 9th October 1978 Gary of Middle Smiths was born. The Mars was aligned with Venus and the bright, lover boy was born. Not in a manger but far from his home. This tubby baby grew into a valued member of the Middle Earth family. None would have thought he would go to the dark side and proclaim the virtues of the apple orchards. The Middle Smiths are well known apple creator who exports ideas and food to those less fortunate then us. Anotherdale and the badlands have been badly hit by crop failures, while Swampdale has had more than average rainfall. It rains there every day but the change of climate, global warming, has lead to rain in the evenings as well. Those bunnies must be a little damp. Gary of Middle Smiths is selling umbrellas and from all accounts this is going well. Claudia of Middle Smiths, formally of the Claudosa Era, daughter of Brono Claudosa, has also helped and is selling pasta and sauce to the peasants.

Fulia of Faydale has posted a comment with regards to her new bathroom. Feter of Faydale, the inn keeper for Heatherdale, send me the photograph of this beautiful retro style bathroom, the community of Middle Earth is all a twitter at its glam.

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