Sunday, 31 October 2010

Middle Smiths come and go in 2 short days

Gary and Claudia of Middle Smiths arrived just before 8:30 Saturday evening, slightly later than expected due in part to Gary wanting to show Claudia more of the country side than originally expected or maybe Gary's navigational skills were a little rusty, we will never know. Arrived safely, they did, and that is all that really matters. On route from Germany to Germany, they flew to Stanstead, north of London and hiring a car, bravely drove down to Poole, Borough of Winterdale, bringing the sunshine with them.

We expected them and were quite exhausted by the time they arrived, what with a major cleaning of the house, car and garden, as well as preparing a traditional Beef and Yorkshire Pudding dinner. The wine and their arrival put back the spring in our step and within no time were catching up.

The first question we asked ourselves was what to do with them while they were here. If they have a really good time they will come again, if not, well you never know. Pulling a few strings we got tickets, thanks to Feter of Faydales, for Compton Acres as a Saturday adventure. Some tickets are very difficult to come by and much sort after in the botanical world.

Sunday morning saw the 6 of us eating out in style at Tesco café for a full English breakfast treat. After much cajoling, we finally managed to get Claudia to stop shopping with the promise that Tesco would be open on Monday and we would let her loose on those unsuspecting aisles of English and European products for as long as she wanted.

Compton Acres delighted us all from the moment we arrived, walking into a beautiful Italian garden with nude statues and spiders. Gary and Claudia made us take numerous photographs posing next to very detailed Italian porn statues and then Gary lost interest and started looking for spiders. He found many in the 10 acres of gardens of the world, finishing our walk through the Japanese garden we sought sustenance in the coffee shop for a light lunch. Must develop the photographs now so will complete this blog on our other adventures with the Middle Smiths.

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  1. Good blog, all the makings of great writing, the suspense of being lost on a cold rainy night when there could be orc's out, some good italian porn and commentary on great cuisine...