Friday, 29 October 2010

The Silence

It has been a while since my last blog, I have been silent, that is not to say that there has been silence.

I have been watching this series on television about 5 people who go on a retreat to a monastery. They do not have mobile phone, computers, radios, in fact no technological devise. They have books and prayers and silence. On the first day they find themselves very lonely, no one to talk too made them lonely. They were not alone but as we all know you can be in a crowded plane flying long distance and feel lonely. Lonely for those we love and are normally with.

Their spiritual mentor, Brother John, felt that after some time in silence they will ask the question, is this all there is? He told them to listen, really listen, the answers will come.

I admire his strong belief, his total conviction that God is there and will answer their question. God will help them when they question why, as they waver in their resolution to see the quest through. Why has he such strong belief? He seems a reasonable articulate man but still believes so completely that God will provide the answers. In fact, he said it is as certain as night follows day.

This unwaving belief in a God that leaves me a little uneasy.

If silence is the answer to finding out if you believe there is a god, what will make us all start to listen, listen to mother earth, really listen and when we start to hear, will we hear the grieving as a species ceases to exist?

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