Saturday, 16 October 2010

This advancing year

Once again I find myself watching young lads trying to destroy small white balls as they hone their skills in the noble art of Golf. Michael has started his first day at Staples and Merlin is out with the girls 'doing tea'. The wireless is playing Rocky Racoon by the Beatles, must listen to that when you have a chance, the scene is set for another episode of Middle Earth.

As the soft autumn sun warms the earth we must take care of our winter stock pile, wood is gathered for the fire and windows repaired to stop that cold air creeping into the home. The last of the tomatoes collected for jam and chutney before the first frost burns them off. I have already made tomato chutney, good spicy flavour with a bite from the generous amount of fresh chilli, I will be making tomato jam this weekend and I will part cook and freeze the last of the ripe tomatoes. Mus from Musmead Manor has baled the last of the hay and Robert has changed his duvet for a thick one.

With winter fast approaching I have decided to start running again, before my hips give in, tomorrow morning I will be out with Sam and Merlin to begin rebuilding this body of mine. Fitness always brings a healthy body and a healthy mind, more alert; bring back that spring in ones step. I suggest we have a Middle Earth Charity Run this December, all those within driving distance to be at Middle Earth beach car park by 9am on the 5th December. I will post a map closer to the time. Those that live further afield can run, cycle or walk at the same time at a place of their choosing. This does mean that Matt, Angela and Lily Florence of Underdickens, Ozdale will be the first to start as they are 10 hours ahead of us, followed by those in Southdale and then finally central Middle Earth, which is the rest of us.

In preparation for this I suggest you all start exercising for at least 20 minutes every 2nd day.

Finally Lily Florence has released photographs from her latest collection, click the link below. What an outstanding album it is, real ballet dancers.


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  1. We'll be doing the walk on the Gold coast, probably at Southport main beach. Google it, it's just next door to Surfers Paradise. X