Friday, 12 November 2010

No Fruit Cake

With loads of enthusiasm we set off to Fulia of Faydales to enjoy afternoon tea and fruit cake. Fulia makes the best fruit cake in Faydale. Well, no fruit cake, Fulia was painting Fess's room bright blue. Tea and a chat is all we got, big apologies but at the end of the day no fruit cake. I leave you to judge this!! Fess has a puppy, a little Wesleydale Terrier, who follows her around. Fess now works in Customer Relations at John Lewis and was quite animated about her newly decorated room.

Pamagor has been seen again, upsetting the young ladies and teasing the more mature women. I do believe the young ladies are just jealous as Pamagor fits quite elegantly into a size 12 while those young ladies struggle into a 14 when a 16 would do just fine. Pamagor was seen today wearing a pair of faded jeans, white fleece and Nike running shoes. He worn, according to a elderly lady I spoke to, a bright red scarf held neatly around his neck by a Gucci broach.

Gussell has kindly volunteered to take on the task of confronting this cad and demanding answers for this peculiar behaviour. I have attached a photo of Gussell in him Pamagor tracking outfit, tailored by Middle Earths own tailor in Georgedale. If any one sees Pamagor wantonly displaying his goods on any promenade, please contact us as soon as you have composed yourself with details.

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