Saturday, 27 November 2010

Icy winds and snow

An early winter greeted us as we woke to this cold spell. -2° C and with the Siberian wind it felt more like -20° C. I took Robert to Golf and he was driving onto a snow covered fairway. Hardy son of mine he went on to win the mini tournament.

Gary is in the same part of the world as Angela, I do not know if they have had time to catch up with their busy schedules but will soon I am sure. Hopefully Mark is looking after the rest of the family left alone in South Africa.

I have opened a bottle of South African wine for the first time in a while, such good wines, easy drinking with loads of flavour and fruit. Christmas has sweep into full stream here and all the shops are very busy. More than that there is panic buying and the normal subservient Brit is becoming aggressive. Susan went into Dolphin Center and was fortunate enough to purchase two bags full of presents, one bag was for her but I made all the encouraging noises so as to keep the momentum going. We then went in search of deep snow on the Purbecks. Church Knowles and Tyne Village had their fair amount but not what I expected, will do a run tomorrow and show you the photographs. This year Micheal claims will be a white Christmas.

I am sure you have all seen the Audi A1 Launch in New Zealand, if not just go to Facebook and type in Audi A1 NZ and you can see all those amazing photos. What a Pod they built, real genius and attention to detail. Love the shot of Gary looking at the camera wondering what to do with that bendy board in his hands. Classic Facebook.



  1. Sitting in a tram in Melbourne commenting on a blog on my iPhone... So first world, weather is rainy and miserable here, had to close the site at the beach cause those white bendy aluminum boards become quite dangerous in the wind

  2. Pamagor's fault...the wind that is