Monday, 8 November 2010

The Last of the Summer Sun

Pamagor has been seen wandering aimlessly around the heather and coppice of Ozdale. The strangely mild spring has encouraged the lonely walkers and joining them this time was Pamagor. Heads turned as he walked by in high stiletto heeled calf skin brown boots, cotton bodice and tight buns, he cast a spring air. By all accounts, no tights.

Quartos ground their aircraft, Gary of Middle Smiths missing Pamagor's unexpected ramble. Angela would have been out there but fortunately she was buying moustache enhancer for Matthew of Ozdale. November spelt with a M, this being her latest quest into the land of those who have and those who have not. I have noticed that it is only the have's who collect for the have-nots. Maybe that is why they have as they get the have-nots to give to the have-nots!!!

Great news from Ozdale, no Matt is not pregnant, again, Lily Florence has sent the most amazing gallery of
photographs. That is one beautiful girl, alas they are all of her so will not be able to be published on this Middle Earth publication. Lily you know the rules, no free advertising and no self portraits. They were good.

Where has Gussell gone, does anyone know his shop number? I can telephone South Africa for 2p a minute and would love to chat to him. He has encountered some difficult times of late and need my cheery voice to guide him on the happy path of self confidence. Has he turned to religion, one does wonder when one does not know.

With only 45 Days to Christmas, my thoughts turn to Christmas gifts and what I should buy for those I love. This year I am determine to get a little something for all. Last year went by so fast it was New Year before I remembered and then it was too late. A new inner tube for Markus and maybe a new flickering light for Gary. A guide book on how to sight Pamagor for Angela, make her day. For Claudia of Middle Smiths, formally the Claudosa Era, a Tesco Catalogue. Same for Gussell. Well this much I will say, Christmas maybe 45 days away but before we know it, it will be 46 days.





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  1. Gussell sent this email which I thought I would share with you
    "I see from your blog that you feel I am not well ??? what is wrong with religion??? ……….
    I saw Pamagor dressed in woman’s clothing and hang around in bars!!"