Friday, 5 November 2010

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There is a man in Middle earth who enjoys dressing in his wife's clothes. He is seriously in touch with his feminine side. Fulia lock your little black numbers away for fear of Feter dancing around the house while you at work, Angela let Matthew read the rest of this blog as it may offend your delicate ear. Send the children to bed and then read this new news item with some expectations, not great but sensational. Merlin has given up worrying about her black numbers as she knows I have tried them all on already but to those who have a petite partner, it is prudent to hide those lovely frocks you worn when you where a size 10 and holding your breath.
Pamagor is his name, there I have named him, cad!!!
Claudia of Middle Earth, formally of the Claudosa Era, has invested in a state of the art safe to hold her most precious frocks, made of the most exquisite silk in fear of Pamagor rummaging through her closet. I will get someone to look into this unsettling news. Gussell of Georgedale can not help as he is still trying to explain why Grene's dress is split at the seems.
I will take on the dreary task, also I will dress to fit the occasion. Feter has offered to lend me some boots, Markus has managed to keep some great red tights, do not ask I will wash them before putting them on and Gussell has a not too shabby dress with a wee split which we can staple.
Fear not children of Middle Earth, the Cad will be caught.

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