Friday, 26 November 2010

Mulled Wine

Christmas is on us again, It was only yesterday I said to 'she who must be obeyed' that we have just had Christmas and the wireless (DAB Digital radio for the young) is saying it is 30 days to Christmas. This view I have while writing is filled with a bottle of Mulled Wine. I am so pleased it is festive again, Blueberry, Orange, Cinnamon, Coriander, Lemon, Nutmeg, Fennel and Cardamom are all packed into this bottle of Mulled Wine, I am surprised they have room for any liquid. Merlin adores Mulled Wine and will saviour every mouthful, she will take a month to drink the bottle but wella it is packed full of so many herbs and spices it must be sooo healthy.

Gary of Middle Smiths has been raving it around New Zealand, from reliable sources it is said that he was seen with Pamagor waltzing around the promenade of the capitals of New Zealand, must be New London or something. I say no more.......... Google it if you that interested.

I am on my way to Tesco, yes Gussell Tesco, to wander around those beautifully filled isles of such decadent wares that the heart is in another step. Pamagor eat your heart out. Who is this Cad in such exquisite clothes?

Robert has had a teacher's assessment and what a peculiar event that was. I am a little concerned as the school has just received a very bad report on its teaching potential. Robert is a clever lad who applies himself to the task in hand better than most. The school seems to think he is not applying himself enough. What rot. I will say no more on the subject as I was not there.

Michael has received an award for excellence; his was one of the 10% achievers in his year. Considering the pathetic results the school received this is a worthy award.

I have ranted and raved enough for this wee blog and will sign off now, suffice to say teachers have an uphill task and then they get bad management.

Last of all, Middle Earth sends birthday wishes to Angela of Underdickens in Ozdale. Happy 21st , enjoy the day.