Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Pamagor, exploring the beautiful myths

Eating chocolate gives you spots – no, it does not, that is a fact but you should keep an eye on your sugar intake for an overall healthy complexion. There are so many myths and I will bring you a few over the next few Middle Earth Health Columns.

Pamagor was seen wearing a leather jacket, denim jacket, black t shirt, ladies combat slacks and purple boots. Gussell is getting nearer to discovering the true identity of Pamagor. He followed up on two leads, one at Faydale Park, Pamagor seen walking a Wesleydale Terrier on a choker chain but this came to nought. The other was more promising, Tesco clothing sales, I know Claudia, formally of Claudosa now of Middle Smiths, hard to believe but alas a wild goose chase none the less. I do believe that Markus Smith has been approached to help the aging Gussell in his quest to expose that Cad, Pamagor. The Matriarch would have called him a loveable rogue.

Matt of Ozdale has lost his razor and is appealing for anyone with an old razor to send it to him, he is looking a little tatty above the lip. Talking of tatty, all the Australian Rugby players are sporting a Movember except for their kicker, he is too young. UK beat Oz and that is that. SA player sent home to top up their drugs and Ireland broke. Till anon.

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