Saturday, 20 November 2010

Rain has set in

This has been a week of drenching school runs, walking the dog becomes a rain dodging challenge. The cold, wet weather has come in from Europe, carried by strong winds, filling the already swollen rivers, flooding dear little Cornwall. St Austell getting a month of rain in an hour and a half.

I notice from the blog notice board that Claudia of Middle Smiths, formally of the Claudosa era, I must stop saying that as we all know sweet gentle Claudia is from noble Italian ancestry. Anyway back to the morning she had the unfortunate accident. I quote:

'That Audi Q5... little Ashley (from next door) dared to leave her scooter in our driveway...well one little scooter against a fiery Italian in a dashing black Q5...pure unadulterated destruction. (we're going to have to put a rating on this site soon, last blog involved porn)'

I have a feeling that her language after the event would probably need to be rated but as for the previous blog containing porn, that was only in your imagination.

Well! Let us get down to earth again, namely Middle Earth. News is that Merlin and Mags are attending a fashion show in Westbourne this afternoon. Merlin has been invited to add that glamorous touch and Mags, well we can only hope she does not scare too many off this ancient art of displaying designs from budding artists. These young designers are a very delicate crew who get terrified easily. I will let you know what transpires after the event as I am definitely not attending.

I finished the last blog with 'Is there no end to this madness?' It seems Fulia has some interesting facts on this womanly man. He admits to crying when watching the loo paper ads, I must say the little Labrador is quite sweet but what he has to do with loo paper defies me. Fulia also found out that he is more inclined to shop at Marks and Spencer than the trendy shops like Top Shop. Primark and TK Max are to him a definite no, no. It will be interesting to see if he shows his face at the fashion show in Westbourne. Maybe Merlin should take a camera. When I asked Fulia how she knew so much about Pamagor, she became extraordinarily evasive. Mumbling something about having to bake a fruit cake!!

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