Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Royal Marriages

Middle Earth has been fortunate in receiving numerous items of news this Tuesday. Markus popped in to show me some photographs he had taken of Travis and his first bike race. What a racer, sleek blue helmet and body hugging racing t shirt the boy did us proud. Watch this racing number for the future.

Angela arrived, unexpectedly with a request for a new razor for Matt of Ozdale. Angela and Lily are getting increasingly irritated at having their faces scratched every time Matt gives them a kiss. He is very affectionate that way and rightly so.

Also the palace press secretary dropped us a line to say that they were admitting another commoner to the Royal house. They do take a while to learn a lesson. Middle Earth was warned in advance as William has a lodge in Southdale. Quite right that we should be told in advance and now I can let you all know in advance of this happy occasion that you will all be hounded by the press. Stiff upper lip. Thoughts must go to who will be one of the bridesmaids; Mika, Lily and Fess are all keen so I will put their names forward. All will be exceptional ambassadors of Middle Earth.

Pamagor has opened a sanctuary for wayward women, comfy double beds and unique red lights. It does remind me of Goodbye Ruby Tuesday.

Tea demands attention, sleep well.

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