Sunday, 19 December 2010

6 days to Christmas

Now is the time for us to hear the Christmas bells. Stop reading, listen, do you hear the bells of Christmas. Close your eyes and imagine those bells of Christmas. I have heard those bells for the last 2 weeks and have missed listening to those bells with those I love. Well Michael has now heard the bells, join us in hearing the bells, feel good time when all we love, we love too much. I can not be with everyone, but I will be thinking of you with a smile and a good tingle as this is Christmas and I want you all to put aside those ghosts and enjoy.

It snowed today and it does that. A picture postcard day in reality. Sam was interested.

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  1. Strange to think that we are in the snow while you are all in the sunshine. I have to agree, we have had plenty of picture postcard scene - absolutely beautiful and Sam sitting in the snow, finding the sun, reflecting off the snow, far too bright is just one of them:)