Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Chianti Reserve 2007

Bouquet: Very fruity
Colour: Deep red, swirled in the glass leaves a rose shine.
Taste: Full of tropical fruit, gooseberry and a hint of Italian wood, namely vanilla.

Not a wine you can get without good connections. This is a Claudosa family wine and if you are lucky enough to acquire a bottle, saviour the moment, it does not happen often.

Talking of family, did you see those shocking pictures of Pamagor on the Boxing Day blog!!! No modesty, no style, so unlike Pamagor. I will say this, it is the time to catch the sales and with due consideration, I reflect, Pamagor might have forgotten to put slacks on. Mally the farmer from Musmead Manor was not impressed, Femma could not imagine how Pamagor did not get a chill. I will leave this open for debate.

Evening tea for the Smiths is a wade of cheese, salami, salad and a banged a few rolls in the oven. Some left over Chianti and roast chicken. Magic. The naked chef strikes once more. For those more sensitive readers, I am fully clothed while writing this Middle Earth journal. Gussell has been known to wear fishnet tights and a black leather jacket to bed. All I know is that the New Year is fast approaching and we must think on our Near Years resolutions.


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