Tuesday, 28 December 2010

The day St Nick paid us a visit

Finally we woke to Christmas, grey skies and very typical cold weather greeted our wander to the tree. What a kaleidoscope of coloured papers tempting not only the boys but Sam and I as well.

On earth we call this time of the year Christmas or the winter solstice. I am not a bit sorry for all the presents we received this year, they all seem to be just right. Loads of fine wine, an assortment of cheese and salami. Everyone else did alright I hope. A few must mention presents, a bottle of Bells from Susy Pie, a Christmas cake, homemade, from Julia, a bottle of Chianti from the Middle Smiths and glorious frying pan from Michael stood out above the rest and I can only say to those who were not mentioned, put a little more effort in next time. Seriously a big thank you for all you thoughtful, useful presents, I am most humble. Word is that Feter gave Mags such a horrid present she has asked him to come around and take it back.

Lunch at the Faydales was a huge feast, full of all those Christmas food we come to expect of this divine cook. Next year why don't you all come around, the more the merrier.

Talking to others from all around the Middle Earth, it was strange to have snow and ice here with sun and sea there. Well Middle Earth has always been the most popular destination for travellers during the festive season and no matter where Christmas finds you, you will have the weather you wanted. Well done weather.

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