Saturday, 11 December 2010

Here comes Santa

16 days to Christmas and Susan took today off and then decided to take tomorrow off as well. Christmas shopping was the agenda and we only managed 4 stores. Danelin Mills which sell all those woven linen and everything else. The Range was the best, a new concept which gives you the feeling that they have a full range of items for your home. We must have spent an hour or two browsing the vast range of products on offer. I can not revel what there was as it is all about Christmas, Santa knows. Talking of gifts, are there any online shops of repute in Oz? The internet seems to think not, can anyone enlighten me on this very vexing topic. The other stores were John Lewis of Brownsea Island fame and Tesco. John Lewis was completely over the top, Tesco was Tesco.

Michael wants a skim board for Christmas, alas the new stock only comes in, in the spring and so he is doing a little think on what would be his second chose as it were. I have just opened a bottle of Blossom Hill red, this just to keep you up with what is being drank at the minute in this cold and wet Island we call England. It is cold, you have noticed but in reality it seems a little worse, a white Christmas is what we asked for but not the whole festive season.

Anyway getting back to Skim Boards, the new concept is to have a banjee cord, cast out to sea and then with the help of a few friends you banjee into the surf. This may sound strange but if you search for it on You tube you will be a believer.

Here come Santa you might ask, yes I heard it today, store after store, I really do wish he would just get here.

Tomorrow is 15 days to Christmas and I intend to blog the run up to this day of magic.

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  1. I have to say that I think Christmas shopping is over-rated - but as our dear writer tells us, it is in the giving (not the shopping)!