Thursday, 2 December 2010

It is only 24 days to Christmas

My Christmas list is so simple, starting off a bottle of good red wine, a big salami, industrial size that will last for at least a month. Olives, a must and a mature stilton. Now that will make it a good festive time. With the cold and snow around maybe a woolly jumper or some long johns.
The lists from the boys read like a must have wish list from Apple, that is the beauty of Christmas, you can dream. Robert starts off with any Apple product over £200. The next in line is an Ipad, £459, iPhone, £499, Mac Pro, £825. Well as I said you can dream. A woolly jumper for him will do the trick.

I have just found Markus on facebook. He has a lot of friends. I felt honoured with 9 followers but he must have a couple of dozen friend who like him. There are a few comments I would have liked some more detail on and details to who they are and what they are. I am somewhat reassured by the fact that Russell is a friend and seems to be in contact. Some great photos and some early morning shots that need to be deleted, do not want small children seeing those, might give them nightmares.

You have probably seen the news on how cold and miserable it is here at the minute, well it is and will stay that way for a while. All those in warmer climates, enjoy, global warming is making it warmer for you and colder for us.

Must cook the humble fish and chips for tea, till later.

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