Saturday, 11 December 2010

Protestors, right or wrong?

England has seen some pretty violent protests over the last few weeks. Whether we agree or not to the way the protests are going is a personal choice. The police use a Kettling procedure which is at the very least a over reaction and at the other extreme very dangerous. I would get a little upset, if on a peaceful demonstration; I was confined to a small area with no chance of refreshments, toilets or being able to decide I have had enough and leave. It is a form of imprisonment with no rights.
Getting back to the demonstrations, the underlying problem is not just the student fees; it is the financial situation the banks have put us in. We did not cause this fiscal disaster, but are now being made to pay for it. This is a form of Kettling, imposed on us by the corruption and fraud of the banks and leaving us to pick up the pieces. I can not see an end to these demonstrations, I propose we liquidate the banks, shareholders included as they really own the banks and elected the directors, of all their assets and restore the economy to what it was before the bubble burst. The demonstrations will continue until those at fault pay for their crimes.

Still on a political note, I see the Labour Party is full of criticism against the present government. Also heard the new leader of the opposition saying.
'Our best years are ahead of us.' Well I do not know, we use to own half the planet and maybe he knows something we do not but they have just handed over a bankrupt government to the coalition and is already trying wheedle his way to glory?

To finish, let's remember Gary of Middle Smiths is still away in Ozdale and must be feeling a little homesick, longing for a cuddle from Claudia of Claudosa Era, a giggle from Mika and a word or two on life with Dan. 13 days to go, 14 to Christmas Eve.

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  1. Yes, on this 6 week tour i discovered that 2 weeks is the point that i need to get back home...Sitting at the airport on the way to Ang for a 2 day visit to the Powerpuff Girls hometown.