Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snow has arrived

Over night the snow really set in, all great until you want to drive somewhere. We live our lives in this cocoon of certainty and then this strange weather comes and drops us down to earth. 4" of snow, the most in 45 years and all the snowballs and tobogganing did not delude us into thinking this was all a winter paradise. After the snow comes the ice and the cold. Nature has a comforting way of dealing with snow, when it snows we all are in that world of fantasy. The snow is soft and gentle, warm and uplifting. We are all so childish, we want to throw that snowball and laugh at the consequences. The snow trickles down our necks and we are reminded that the cooler times will come, not yet, but we will have had enough by then.

The boys through snowballs and tobogganed down the close, had breakfast at Tesco and did not go to school, that is the good part of our inability to deal with extreme weather.

I do think of all those far away and not that far and miss not having you around when this winter wonderland pays us a visit.

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