Saturday, 4 December 2010

Will it snow this Christmas?

Mother Nature is throwing all she has in her arsenal at us this slow creep to Christmas. We woke to 4" of snow on Thursday. The abundance of soft snow with no wind made for a glorious day of no school for the boys, our road has a little rise and the toboggan was dusted off and then the race began. All ages risked life and limb to slide down the hill into the deep snow that had accumulated, teasing the children and soon the temptation was too much and the first snow ball flew true and straight hitting Robert in the middle of his back. War raged from then on until everyone was wet, cold and exhilarated. Friday nothing had changed so the fun was continued. Two days off school and the boys were suddenly very interested in the weather forecast for the weekend, more Monday than anything else.

I woke this morning, Saturday, to gentle rain and no snow, where had it all gone? So school will be open Monday and those living on Canal Boats are now stuck as the rivers have frozen. Serves them right, I can not stand those pompous boaters. 'I live on a river boat with my cat and some enamel.' Well it can't be much fun now.

In the early hours of this morning our phone rang, needless to say we did not answer it, yes it was still dark. Later picking up the message we were not too surprised to find out it was Gussell, fresh in to work at his Deli and ready to chat, what no customers? I will get back to the Lord of the Manor of Georgedale, cannot wait to hear the news on the progress on the Pamagor affair. Maybe that elusive Middle Smith presently travelling in Ozdale, will keep an eye open, as word has it Pamagor has travelled to the South to see the cricket. He is a great fan of Alistair Cook.

'You can dance, you can sing, but darling save the last dance for me.' Pamagor was heard to hum this song while watching cricket, makes you think!

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