Monday, 17 January 2011

Back to the Future

Well it has been 4 days, no make that 5 since my last blog. It is raining in Australia, South Africa, South America and here, where is it not raining? I do believe we live in a bubble as such. There is only so much moisture in the atmosphere and only so much rain can fall. The vast majority of the rain seems to have fallen in Australia and South America, doing considerable damage with the flooding and mud slides. Gary has said that it is raining there and I can vouch for the rain here as I sit and watch Robert trying to hit a golf ball in gale force winds and rain. I must get to grips with this global warming scenario, maybe someone can give us all a brief summary of what it is all about. We have just had the coldest December since records began, which adds to my confusion.

This weather has its consequences, Matthew of Ozdale has been seconded to Brisbane with a bucket and a mop to help the clearup and cleanup there, Gary has had the Audi A1 launch postponed for a few days due to heavy rain and Sam will only have a brief walk in this volatile weather. How is it affecting Georgedale, is the deli doing a thriving trade as people stock up in case of shortages?

Middle Earth has come trough this adverse weather with flying colours. Due to the high standard of building and well planned infrastructure we are an example to the rest of the world. News has it that Pamagor is in Tunisia! I do wonder sometimes at Pamagor and what trouble seems to follow that mad character. Michael is on his way to Austria in a months time and I am a little perturbed that Pamagor will follow, just to be in the social set, although 26 teenagers from Poole High School on the ski slopes, will easily be a match for this little known cad.

As I sign off from this blog I just want to mention that we have had our central heating replaced and now we are as warm as toast. Three days of floorboards lifted and not heating has made us appreciate those radiators even more. Have a good weekend.

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