Thursday, 20 January 2011

Behind Middle Earth

Many will say that Middle Earth is all in my imagination, not so, you all have a Middle Earth waiting to be let out. My Middle Earth is something like the song and was born from me, wanting to close the door, turn on the heating, light the lights and stay home tonight. I wanted to be far away from the bustle and bright city lights. I wanted them to all fade away and just leave us alone, in a world of our own.
With some many of those I love so far away, I cope by living in a world of my own. I build this world where only those I love can share, leaving all our sorrows for a while, far behind. I hope that goes a little way to explain Middle Earth and how it came to be. It is now grown into a great community of friends and family, past and present that I increasingly love so much.
When I ramble on again, spare a thought for what is behind this seemingly futile bit of writing and remember, where we are, and how good it would be, to be together.
Now the news: Pamagor was seen wandering around the A1 Audi launch at Georgedale with a broadband'ish fellow, following in a Q7, hoping to get a test drive in the A1. Lily Florence and the newly back Markus from the Carnivals in Brazil have sworn to apprehend this loathsome cad once and for all.
We live in a world that I made, leaving our sorrows far behind.

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  1. Thanks for making it so we can all escape to it.