Tuesday, 18 January 2011

A bottle of wine and a friendly pipe make good bed fellows

I do chaos, drama, major disasters with ease, with a glass of wine and a well lite pipe. I now know how Winston won the war. Pamagor was seen at the launch of the Audi A1, walking hand in hand with a cyclist. Has Pamagor finally found a life mate? Who can not talk shit? Talking of talking shit; I was told in a round about way about Pamagor and that now notorious walk with the cyclist. Rumour has it that Pamagor and Elton John are the real parents to Brooklyn. Why is this so important, Queen Victoria is having another clone, namely Brooklyn Jnr. I have to admit I am a little lost but in this world of L'Oreal, in which we are so in touch with, is almost beyond my.... Sorry picking up the spaghetti I dropped on the floor with the Simpsons assault in the background.

As Dan the Man would say. 'Sort it out Dad'. I must agree, BBC 1 and primetime viewing, we have the Simpsons! I, most probably should start watching Classic TV. Is the Neighbours still so popular in Oz? Is E Goly still a hit in Southdale? Is the Pope really catholic or are we all just being lead down the media path of Rupert Murdock, Rupert the Bad Bear? Don't ask me I am only the reporter.

I was away for a while; did you notice the gap in my blog? Finishing off the Pasta bake and cleaning up. Michael is at work and so is Susan. Michael is sorting out staples and Susan sorting out the director's stools. You do not want to go there, something, like the guy offering to push the barstool in for someone he fancies. I never really understood that joke but I am sure those who are tending to be bisexual or homosexual will understand. You where amused, does that not say something? I once loved a guy, so beautiful was he, Norwegian Wood we see.

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