Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Can the new generation write?

We are bombarded with text messaging, Twitter, Facebook, I have noticed a few of the older, more broadband followers are Facebooking as well. Getting to the point,this new form of communication does not write books, novels or letters. These are important for a number of reasons. You can not do a simple postcard without these skills. Jared has just written a exceptionally good short story, and believe it or not there are no SMS style abbreviation. You is spelt just like that, not U. There is a reason, 'You and Yours' comes to mind.
Talking of his fine story that Jared wrote, I am sure we have the writing gene in our blood. Robert has been published in a poetry book and now Jared has his story accepted for publication. Keep it up children, once published in such exulted circles, can never to taken away. Maybe Mika Smith is the next budding author to join the newly published.
We all work hard to be recognised and when we do become famous, we hope no one recognises us. That is the reason I stop short of being famous.

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