Sunday, 30 January 2011

Comments and Answers

Those comments that remain unanswered. Reading through this months comments I was encouraged by the diverse reaction my blogs received. I was also amazed at the value of the written word, keeping me sane and others amused or confused. Oh they were all read and some commented on. I always enjoy the reaction a blog gives, some blogs are really good and those always get remarked on. Comments of encouragement, questioning, and some far better than the blog and always worth the read.
Russell wrote in November:
What is Pamagor? Why Pamagor? What does Pamagor do? And finally does Pamagor wear Prado? All valid questions and deserving appropriate replies. I did note that Pamagor was seen at a Deli in Georgedale and will be asking the owner of the Deli to try and remember what Pamagor was wearing and was it Prado. From the pictures that I blogged a month or two ago Pamagor does not wear much when going out. I await a reply from Gussell of Georgedale.
I see from recent comments that Gussell of Georgedale has been married for 29 years and Gary of Middle Smiths for 8 years. Love is something you can not touch, but can bring joy and pathos. People in love, see those they love in a different way as we would. They see the whole beauty of that partner, the time together strengthens that joyful illusion, loves reality and I want it no other way.
Tonight we are having Stir Fry for supper. Finely cut, crunchy vegetables, garlic, ginger and soya sauce. Egg noodles and chilli chicken strips. I hear you gasp, fear not, I will wash it down with a good bottle of red.
Breaking news: Musmead Manor have received their first rare breed cows and will be bringing in Sheppard’s huts for added accomadation. Musmead Manor have a website, under the name of Longthorns Farm, news will be posted soon.

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