Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Loves labours lost

An anniversary is a unique celebration, a moment that symbolises the timelessness of love. As each year passes it recalls the happiness of the past, while creating wonderful new memories for the future. We at Middle Earth are fond of celebrating this joyful event. Just to think that two people of opposite sex have lasted another year together is worthy of celebration. Claudia, formally of the Claudosa Era but now of Middle Smith and Gary of Middle Smiths have just had a wedding anniversary. How many years I do not know but good on them for such a great achievement.
Middle Earth has declared it is beach weather, Michael was seen skim boarding at Branksome beach today, it is a balmy 5 deg C, I have the pictures as you can see.
Getting on to something important, I opened a bottle of Riverview Pinot Grigio, I can never pronounce that correctly. I was astonished to read it came from Hungary, Riverview was inspired by the view from the vineyard that overlooks the river Danube, near the city of Budapest. I thought all the Hungarians were hungry, what are they doing making wine. What we all do to stay the hunger pangs, make wine.
Gussell of Georgedale is going to visit the Middle Smiths of Southdale, I have noticed that Claudia now works from Slivertondale, why does no one tell me when a new dale is declared!!! Middle Smiths look after him, he is delicate at the minute, business not that great and in need of being valued.
To end I would like to just announce that Cambozola is the finest cheese ever.


  1. I am not that delicate that a bottle of wine can't fix.... keep up the blogs, even if i do not understand them some times

  2. 8 years and going strong! Tell Michael he's crazy, happy, happy Sue for tomorrow!

  3. We just had our 29th... on the 16th Jan