Monday, 3 January 2011

Middle Earth sends aid

Ozdale is fortunate to have a benefactor. Flooding rivers have covered a large section of Ozdale and the Underdickens are caught in the middle of this natural weather cycle. Cyclone Lillian struck Ozdale with too much rain, leading to too much water, filling the rivers of Ozdale. These ungrateful rivers then flooded their banks, depositing water everywhere. Middle Earth sent fresh greeting of goodwill, thus relieving the cyclone devastated victims of Ozdale, of the need to get fresh greetings. This very charitable act of unselfishness is so common to the generous people of Middle Earth it almost went unmentioned.

While Ozdale gets damp, Winterdale gets snow and Southdale gets hot, the Musmeads of Musmead Manor are freezing. Italy and a few high mountains are where they have gone on vacation. We await news of their progress down the beginners slope.

If you would like to donate to the poor people of Ozdale, please send your cheque to The Middle Earth Chronicle and we will hold it in trust until they change their selection board and they have the Ashes in Australia again. We will negotiate with the correct people and make sure Lily Florence receives it all, without administration fees, VAT or transfer duties. Don't you love the banks, even in a natural disaster they charge commission. The Mafia may have disappeared from our day to day lives but they are now so influential in our financial system, I am surprised they do not have the Don in charge.

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