Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Year Today

I have done extensive reviews on wine, dry wine and red mostly but tonight the emphasis is on cheese, another noble art, mature for the time required and eaten by most of us daily. Wine accompanies cheese or cheese accompanies wine? Who knows, but both are essential to my survival.

Medium Cheddar with sweet dried apple and flame roasted tomato chutney.

Smell: sweet and creamy
Taste: I do not believe in messing with cheese. The description for the cheese I have just opened, reads like an excuse to help you buy this cheese. Leave cheese as is. This is one of those cheeses I was generously given for Christmas. I eat most cheese, sometimes, just to help the cows and the dairy farmers, I was one. This combination of fruit, chutney and cheese is FANTASTIC. Soft, sexy and smooth. I recommend this cheese with a bottle of Pinotage to all those I love. The taste is so tactile and should be part of the egalitarian Middle Earth society we love. This cheese will be part of our elitist group of Middle Earth,
egalitarianism taken to our limit. Revel in the simple life, cheese, wine, fresh buns and company of those we love. In extreme time we have been know to enjoy this celebratory time by ourselves, me time is good.

Pamagor says fashion is a religion. Chatting to Merlin recently, Pamagor referred to fashion magazines as the Bible. Merlin was outraged, Fulia heard and took Pamagor to task. It is an interesting concept, fashion is a religion and the fashion mags are their Bibles. Go girls.

May this New Year bring you all the joys you deserve, bring you closer to your friends, family and those you love, especially those you miss or those you would like to be closer too. Happy New Year.

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