Friday, 7 January 2011

Pamagor visits Georgedale

I received an email from Pamagor today. The cad was in Georgedale recently, namely at a little deli, owned by Gussell of Georgedale. What is Pamagor up too? The email says:

'Dear Middle Earth, been to Georgedale and have discovered his divine little deli. Full of delicious cuts of ham and salami, pasta, olives and oil to gladden a chef's heart. I overspent and am happy to say the olives have been eaten and can testify to their aphrodisiac properties. The ham accompanied by a good Chianti, was despatched with a well matured Stilton. The fine man who condescended to served me, clutching his Blackberry nervously, knew nothing about cheese. I did love his posture, but could not help noticing his broadband, speed that is.
Kisses Pamamgor.
Cad extraordinaire
Benefactor to Ozdales with fresh greetings

To say I was amazed is an understatement, gone are the days we sent a note to someone we valued, does Pamagor value me?

'He also had the cheek to add an addendum:

EDWARD JENNER (1749-1823)

Balloonist and poet who collected dormouse nests and saved more human lives than anyone in history. Jenner was an English doctor, the pioneer of smallpox vaccination and the father of immunology.'

Why Eddie, is there no limit to Pamagor's depth of gore. Time for Posh Celen of Cookydales, she is real posh with 3 reception rooms and a downstairs loo, to get angry. Maybe Gussell can check his CCTV camera for an image to identify Pamagor and expose this rascal once and for all.

With the Ashes firmly back where they belong, I expect Pamagor to be down in Ozdale for the celebrations, please keep a look out.

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