Sunday, 23 January 2011

Pooh, Sam's Pooh, not Winnie

Sunday, after Saturday is a difficult act to follow. Michael's paper round, I know they are meant to do them on their bicycles with rolled up newspaper which they throw into the garden pouch but we enjoy these early Sunday tasks. It give us a longer Sunday to relax the hell out. After the news paper round we picked up the lazy Robert and walked on the beach. On the beach you say, 5 deg C and no wind, made this a good Sunday walk.
Robert has a girlfriend and Merlin (She who must be obeyed and mother to Robert) had a long, intense talk about about, who knows what. Michael and I watched Samuel having another great big Pooh.
Talking of Pooh, I was introduced to a guy who had interviewed the son of A A Milne. He shook his hand his hand and then pointed out that this was the hand that shook the hand of Christopher Robin who shook the paw of Winnie the Pooh. Tell Dan, Travis, Matthew, Lily and Mika, especially tell Granny June, all the children need to know. This is the depth of our history, let's live this and learn from our mistakes.

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