Sunday, 30 January 2011


Now that I have had that important glass of chateau de Poole, I will explain religion in this fine and noble art of blogging. The simple truth is that the ancient belief in gods was born of ancient need, in a time of limited knowledge, sustained by modern ignorance. There is a overabundance of evidence for evolution but the notion of gods is devoid of all truth. If one attempted to prove the existence of any god in court, it would be immediately thrown out for lack of evidence. There is not a shred of physical evidence. If the Bible and Scriptures were considered evidence, it would be the ultimate absurdity because they are not only hearsay but pure fiction.

Now I have no doubt that religion has done some good, but the bad it has done, outweighs the good. At what cost to fragile human lives through the ages? So many wars have been fought in the name of God, and still are. That is a thought for the future. I do believe that all the thousands of gods man invented are equally non-existent, equally fiction, and equally figments of human imagination. If you believe, I will respect that and will not try to convince you to the contrary.

Now, I have not touched on religion as yet, only the cause of religion. If people need religion and many do, let them be, but if they want to harm others, we must condemn them as fanatics.


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  1. Religion does have that effect, but do not get me wrong I think the author is pure genius.