Saturday, 22 January 2011

Well this Saturday finds me in the kitchen with more information than I know what to do with. Firstly Mags phones this morning at 8:30am asking if it was OK to talk yet, fine I said as we had been up since 7:30.
'Oh I have been awake for the last hour waiting to phone.' and then went swiftly on to ask,
'Is Susan awake? I passes her over, this is one of those times when a quick response is lost on the mother of Who must be Obeyed. Pity, knowing what I know now, I could have answered.
'Has Peter not answered your calls again after returning his Christmas presents?' I am sure she wakes up in the morning with two brains, which one kicks in on the day is pertinent to our Saturday planning. Is it the needy one, poor Mags or the independent one, I need no one. I am hoping the latter will be stronger over the next decade or two. Those Robertson's live long and and get their value.
Talking of Fulia, it is her intention to climb that corporate ladder to the County council seat, no more simple boroughs for this sassy lass is for higher things. This Lady is not turning!! Feter is grumpy and has all the right to be. He is at the top of his corporate ladder and his Mags styled hairstyle shows the signs of his struggle.
Pamagor has been seen in Torquay, also in in Bovington with a Kate Middleton look alike. Talking of Kate, Robert has this amazing friend, called girl, Summer, so much better looking than Kate and she is friends with Robert. What a lucky fellow. ( Photos to follow)
The latest Tesco Magazine, eat your hearts out Claudia and Russell, says.
'Help! I am going back to work and do not know what to wear?' I have one answer, Live more, for less and budget for that beauty to low calories, low cost cooking which is a weight loss that works. Believe me, Tesco addicts, it is like the mobility scooters at the entrance to Tesco, all saying 'Out of order' and underneath saying 'Every little bit helps'.
The family are rioting, must serve tea, enjoy.

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  1. Wow, stinging words to begin and a brilliant end! Hope you guys had a fantastic Saturday and will have an even better Sunday! Officially decided tha SA isn't that bad a place to live, the new 5 lane highway brought us to Allandale last night from melrose arch in about 5 mins, they had closed the highway down to 2 lanes so we were delayed there for about 15mins but it was the delay that was the unexpected thing as someone with a brain had made the call to do it on a Saturday night after 19h00 when the road was at it's quietest... A while ago it would have been close for work at 07h00 on a work day and to hell with the thousands of souls who's week they destroyed.