Thursday, 6 January 2011

When we Collide in Cyberspace

The most rewarding part of doing the blog has proved to be the interaction between all of us. When someone reads my blog on news of family, friends and the world in general, we collide in cyberspace, bridging the gap of thousands of miles and for a few moments as I write the blog or you read the blog we are together. I missed the century blog that is a good thing, as I was not counting but enjoying the writing. When we collide we come together. Together is all I ever wanted and over time it has come together. The comments are especially rewarding and thank you for taking the time to come together.

I see from the internet news that Johannesburg has the dubious honour of being the third placed city for traffic jams. Beijing winning hands down and then someone else, then Johannesburg. This is sad for those caught in those jams, but a great feather in South Africa's cap in the sense that they are now part of this world's woe. We all thought the M25 was the world's biggest car park, oh how little we know.

December was the coldest month since records began, -1 deg C, average temperature, maybe I am getting accustomed to the weather but it was not that cold. Granny June was coming to spend Christmas with us, she always felt the cold and this year she would have loved the snow and the white Christmas but the freezing weather would have dampened her spirit. We still miss her and someday she will say goodbye.

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