Friday, 21 January 2011

When you wake up its a new day

If you go away, you will miss the new morning. You will leave all those dreams behind of a new day with the sun shining. You will not buy that piece of land you loved so much. It is a quiet little town where you can forget everything, that is if you go away but if you stay, Middle Earth will give you a place like no other place. Unique in the warmth of being there. I know it is just another year and then you will be happy, but I hear you crying now, but you are trying . You used to say it was easy, you most probably thought it was easy, do not go away. We are sadden, so few are making Middle Earth their community. It is not enough to think it is easy, we can only make it easy for everyone by joining them in Middle Earth, a comment, a smile, a look in your eye is all that is needed.

A new stove for Claudia of Middle Smiths and Brazilian peckers for Markus has heralded the closure of our week in Middle Earth. Lily strives on to saving lives and Michael prepares for his trip to Jamaica, no Austria. Robert falls in love with the gorgeous Summer and Merlin looks to the weekend for some peace and quiet time. How are you all going to get through the weekend, happy and together I hope. Rumour has it that the mother of Claudia of Claudosa era is cooking up a storm, Italian storm, they are milder than the Germans or those toyboy Greeks across the boarder who wiggle their bums at any mature English woman. Anti pasta, rough salad, wine, pasta, baked fillet, wine and cute Italian salad, much more wine. Think of us when you enjoy your wedding celebrations, we will raise a glass of cheer for that which is dear.

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