Saturday, 8 January 2011

Who is Pamagor?

Many have asked, few really know, is Pamagor the person we all want to be? I do not know the answer. I have discovered that Pamagor is a very outrageous dresser, often pushing the boundaries, maybe too far, and seemingly gets away with it. It is not Gussell of Georgedale, he served Pamagor while nervously clutching his mobile, it is not Gary of Middle Smiths, as he was in Ozdale when Pamagor was seen shopping at the House of Frasier's. Maybe Pamagor is a women, a little bizarre but possible. Gussell is the only one to have seen him, but we all know Gussell, did he really take any notice. I am waiting for Fess of Faydale to get back to me after she has checked the Middle Earth population register. For all those a little confused, I refer you back to the Middle Earth Map and population register of a previous blog.

I am sure you all join me in sending our condolences to Matthew and Angela, on misplacing the Ashes. Have another look they bound to be somewhere. It is Friday and that means burgers and chips for dinner, have a good weekend I must start cooking.

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