Monday, 17 January 2011

You are what you eat

Eating, weight on, weight off, we all seem to be touched by this natural process. Some are prone to put on a little too much, but the vast majority fall between vanity and just being plain silly. This maybe a story, some bring us laughter and some bring us sorrow, but, is that not what makes a great story. This story is for those who gain weight and then gain some more, and more. If you name one weight loss program, diet, you can name 1 million. A thriving industry you might say, I do believe that 99% are bogus and I will leave it there.

You are – literally – what you eat. The nutrients any organism takes in build and maintain a healthy body: Why?
They become part of your body – often after being broken down into smaller pieces (digested), then rebuilt to form the different parts of the organism.
They are used to provide the energy needed to drive metabolism (living processes)

For those who are trying to come to grips with your weight, I do need to break down the problem. Losing 5, 10 or more kilograms is a huge task, just ask me to stop smoking my pipe or drinking wine and I will throw my hands up in defeat. Can you start by only controlling 30% of your problem? We are made of 70% water, let's concentrate on the last 30% that remains. We need to shrink our stomach, so as a start let us have smaller portions and no snacks. Good luck.


  1. These diets are a load I agree, most of it is common knowledge, eat to much of the wrong thing and you'll get fat, smoke to much and you'll get some strange disease. The thing with modern life is that it's easier to buy McDonalds than to cook a meal, easier to eat till you feel full than not, easier to watch tv than go for a run... Claud's completed a hardcore diet while I was away and has attributed her loss of 6 kg's to the diet, she's also doing bootcamp which I attribute her not gaining the 6 kg's back again immediately.

  2. I am going report this site for abuse...this is the 2nd time my broadband has been taken on. I see you have a report abuse at the top, so expect a visit from Constable Blogg...