Thursday, 24 February 2011

24 Days Thursday 23rd

Life in the off line lane is like a box of chocolates, full of pleasant surprises. Worked on and have progress, will send the link to all soon.

People take their baggage to their children when they get divorced, hurting the children and themselves. Today I saw a little girl, loved by her parents but feeling left out in the overall scheme of life, grappling for the right answers. Robert took her to Connextion, a child care agency, to talk to some one neutral and ask them for direction, what to do when your parents say this and the alternative is obey or leave home. A tough decision for a 14 year old to make. I spoke to the parents, both very upset about what their daughter was up to, confused and not knowing where to turn, they also needed some advice. Hopefully Connection were able to help tonight and with a little understanding they will see a way forward. Children are precious gifts we must nurture and guide. We have no book on what is right or wrong but only our experience and love.

Talking of little girls, I notice that Mika of Middle Smiths is having her Birthday tomorrow and not to be outdone Gussell is turning 51 today. From all in Middle Earth we wish them a very happy birthday. Let the Crème Soda shots run in Mika's case and the Red Wine to flow in Russell's case. I will raise a glass on honour of this occasion.

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