Wednesday, 23 February 2011

25 Days Tuesday 22nd

I have found that the internet has only so much information to offer. This particular website requires product images, product description and nutritional information. Here is the rub, many manufacturers only have sample information. Take Steers Salad Dressing as an example and you will see what I mean.

Now I want to move onto world affairs. People uprising in Libya and Yemen against the dictators that rule their countries. Seemingly well-orchestrated demonstrations from people who have been ruthlessly suppressed for decades. Who is behind this need for change, who has given oppressed people the courage to face their worsted fears and take to the streets against the hard regimes'? I do not believe they all had a sense of injustice at the same moment as Egypt. There is someone behind this and I wonder at their motive. Is this another grand scheme to get control of their oil? Sometimes seemingly complicated events are traced back to the most fundamental basics.

It is 2 am and as usual when Susan is away, I wake in the middle of the night with my head full of ideas. I generally do some writing. The characters of my story, seem to come alive in my dreams and if I do not write down what they have to say, I will have forgotten it by morning. Michael generously handed his cold to me before going skiing and I fear it might get into my chest if I do not look after myself, so goodnight Middle Earth.

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