Thursday, 17 February 2011

30 Days has been decided, so 30 days it will be.

I have 30 days left to deliver the ultimate website, I will keep you posted to what the run down is like. Today I have worked diligently and uploaded a very good website, even though I say so myself. 30days and 30 blogs will see this venture through, fail or succeed you will be with me.
Some comments from the blogs, raise a few points which I am happy to expand upon.
Gussell closed his beloved deli, leaving a few of us a little stranded, if that is the right word, no more that exotic little stop with all those tantalising treats and sins. Back to Simba Chips, Cola and Cadbury flake. Middle Earth is a lessor place for this sad lose. But in the immortal words of Gussell.
‘ I will arise again stronger and better’ His words not mine. Noble words of wisdom, he never ceases to amaze me with his wit and genius.
Gary of Middle Smiths wrote: ‘
Yay, the blog is back! Missed it these last few days... As with cricket, rugby and most sports and general stuff Accounting was invented in the UK and perfected in Africa! Look upon us with envy.’
Well all I can say is that Brontophobia is the fear of storms. The storm of such illuminating comments. A storm of comments is the same as Christmas. Someone is there who feels I deserve a wee comment. That is like nectar for the gods. Gussell and Gary, my thanks.

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  1. Keep them , rolling. Interested in this web site you doing......the 30 day one!