Saturday, 5 February 2011

The Dandy Pamagor

Pamagor’s antics, have reared their dandy head again. This time attacking the Powder Puff girl’s post box. Photo attached. Claiming it is a small house for squirrels. And there is a webcam inside which, interferes with the privacy of the squirrel family. Poppycock, all the squirrels have already been eaten in Ozdale. Is there no end to this unsubstantiated innuendo. Enough I say, get thee hence troublesome Pamagor.

I am sitting at Robert’s golf lessons and it is a blustery day. High winds buffer the car as I watch those wee white balls being blown off course. Why oh why do golfers insist on trying to hit a small ball long distances while battling to stand upright against the strong wind? Just watched another one, which started straight, curves over the trees and into the scrub beyond, golf ball manufacturers dream. Welcome to a Saturday in my life.

It is Michael's birthday and poor guy is working. Anyway he was lucky enough to receive a skim board, bag for said board and wax, also for said board. He is a happy fellow, now it is only up to the weather to warm up a little and your next blog will be from the beach.

Tomorrow is Mags birthday, we have bought her a hanging basket with tomato seed already to plant. This is a hanging tomato which looks really interesting. You know she gave the Faydales her Christmas presents back as she did not like them, this time I would be happy to be given this tomato basket back, we live in hope but with it coming from mummy’s little darling, Merlin, it will probably be retained.

Getting back to the golfers. All kitted out with woolly jumpers, weather proof jackets and beanies. All weather trousers and pink cheeks marching forcefully towards the next hole, totally intent on hitting the next shot straight and true. Dream on, the wind will put pay to any drive you throw at it. Mad dogs and English men go out in the midday sun, more like mad golfers go out in the brewing storm. That 19th hole will be most welcome.

My thoughts are with you all this weekend, think of me tomorrow when the birthday girl comes, not to stay I hasten to add. Goodluck Faydales with your present, better still buy something you need and then when it is returned it will be useful.

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