Friday, 18 February 2011

Day 29 Friday 18th

Going well and have completed the task I set for today. Information highway letting me down a little but will preserver. On day 20, I will send you the link to my test server and the password to be able to see the site as it develops from there.

Value your freedom. A man had an idea, an idea for a film and took it to the bank to see if he could get funds to produce his film. The authorities heard about his idea and have jailed him for 6 years. They have also forbade him from making another film for 20 years, talking to the press for 20 years and in 20 years he can apply for a passport. He only had an idea? It was a non political idea.

Michael leaves tonight for Austria and a week of skiing. Merlin has convinced the banks to part with Euros‘, many Euros‘, this is her baby and he needs Euros‘.

Michael has asked me to pass on this comment to all those loyal readers of Readers Digest, no the blog.
‘I will be thinking of you all, sometimes, but will have fun.’
We can only wait for Facebook and the inevitable up to no good photos, that I am sure will make them sequel with joy and the rest of us in Middle Earth cry.

The link to where he will be is: Radstadt. Viva La France.


  1. And so the eagle leaves the nest for the first time, go well brother, be brave and strong! Miley (the cat not the star) caught a Guinea Fowl keet (for the uneducated 'chick') last night and google confirmed it wasn't a baby duck (insert appropriate baby duck word) or a baby Kiwit (Poms read Plover) but indeed a keet! Now who knew of the word 'keet' before this blog?